Christine Santos-Zolman

LMT (Owner/Massage Therapist)

Christine has been a massage therapist for 22 years. Her training includes but is not limited to Sports Therapy, Neuromuscular and Advanced Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy. She has worked with Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab for most of her career. She looks forward to helping you all reach your goals in living a healthier life. She is opening up a consulting firm in the next year to help others start their journey in massage and other related fields.
Christine was born in La Porte, IN. She loves Latin Dancing and is a major foodie. For the nightlife, Christine spends the evening spinning to Salsa music with her husband. She loves to Travel. She has been to South America and plans to continue her travels to Italy, Greece and Bali. For the homebody in her, she loves to cuddle up with her husband and two kids to a good movie and popcorn.